• Course days: Thursday September 29th, 2016 to Friday October 7th (we will not during the three day weekend Saturday October 1st through Monday October 3rd).
  • Course time: 10-14 every day (on time), there will be a lunch break in the middle
  • Course location: Everyday in Bio 1.1.34
  • Office hours by appointment in M206
  • Those taking the course for credit will be asked to give a 45 minute presentation during the last two days.
  • For those interested in taking the course for credit and have missed the organizational meeting on July 25th, please email me by August 7th to arrange a talk topic.
  • A preliminary list of talk topics is available here.

This will be a rapid course on spectral sequences. Spectral sequences are an incredibly powerful computational tool in algebra and topology. Roughly speaking, spectral sequences give I will discuss the general theory of spectral sequences (constructions, convergence, structure) as well as specific applications. Recommended literature: McCleary's "A user's guide to spectral sequences", Weibel's "Homological algebra", and Kono and Tamaki's "Generalized cohomology".